Consider our Watershed on Colorado Gives Day


Colorado Gives Day is Tuesday, December 7 and, this year, I’ll be giving to Eagle County’s rivers via a donation to the Eagle River Watershed Council. As a local concerned about the future of our watershed, I ask that you consider doing the same. As you may know, the ERWC is the local non-profit that protects our valley’s rivers and streams.


Why is this important? Water is a finite resource. In the Western US, the battle over access to water has been fought for decades. When asked “where does your water come from” people often respond, “the tap.” A donation to the ERWC not only supports education but preservation of this important lifeblood of our community.


As many people took to the mountains over the last year and a half to find wide open spaces during the pandemic, they also took to our rivers to float, fish and find solace during an unprecedented time. Personally, during one of my first outings in May after stay-at-home orders, the first place I went to was a sunny bank along the Colorado River. The ERWC’s goal is to preserve and protect these special places so other can enjoy them in the future.


Please consider scheduling a donation via the Colorado Gives Day website to support the Eagle River Watershed Council next week. I appreciate you considering supporting this important local organization this giving season.


Thank you!


Kristin Yantis
ERWC Board Member

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