Title: Consider our Watershed in December

As Colorado Gives Day approaches, we encourage you to consider including the Eagle River Watershed Council in your cart. The Eagle River is the matriarch of this valley. With ski season beginning, the stress of the drought magnifies the delicate and powerful cycle of snowmelt and its impact on our watershed. Winter and spring precipitation is vital to replenish the streamflows for the summer and fall. The river, her creeks and smaller tributaries provide the drinking water and critical riparian habitat to so many of the wild creatures that make our home special. Both the Colorado River and the Eagle are recreational and aesthetic gifts that we all enjoy and are protected by the Watershed Council. The Eagle River Watershed Council is our local grass roots nonprofit that protects our valley’s rivers and streams by monitoring water quality, by embarking on restoration projects and by conducting educational outreach programs. Thank you for considering supporting the watershed this December and into the future!

Many thanks,
Bret Hooper
ERWC Board Member

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