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The Keep Colorado Wild Pass

Ensuring that Colorado’s state parks are accessible, affordable and adequately funded to protect them for the long-term
More than ever this past year, we’ve seen how important Colorado’s great outdoors is in providing a place to relax, reconnect, and revive through outdoor recreation from angling to camping to hiking. Colorado’s State Parks are among the most valued places to enjoy nature close to home, contributing to our quality of life, boosting our local economies, and representing the fabric of our state. And more and more Coloradans are taking advantage of the chance to enjoy them. Because of that, additional funding opportunities are needed to keep up with the high demand that our outdoor spaces are experiencing.

Under SB21-249, CPW is directed to create an optional, discounted “Keep Colorado Wild Pass” that will be added when Coloradans register their passenger vehicles, light trucks, motorcycles and recreational vehicles starting in 2023.

The new pass will provide access to Colorado’s 42 state parks, cost no more than $40 (half of a current parks annual pass) with a goal to bring the price down to $20 price via high participation, and include a clear option for registrants to choose not to purchase the pass. Similar programs in other states have enjoyed strong participation (85% in Montana!) and helped generate increased revenue to support responsible management of park lands. In addition, the new revenue will ensure sufficient staffing and resources to manage and conserve Colorado’s 42 existing state parks. So, please take action now and ask your State Senator to support HB21-249 – the Keep Colorado Wild Pass!

In less than 1 minute, you can speak up for Colorado’s state parks and great outdoors!

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