Eagle River Fund

The Eagle River Fund concept arose in late 2019, thanks to the vision and support of Eagle River Valley locals who had been inspired by the mission of the Yampa River Fund, which deployed in 2019 near Steamboat, CO.

Following stakeholder meetings that brought together community partners, municipalities, state and federal agencies, private landowners, local business groups, local outfitters, and more, a feasibility assessment was undertaken, and the decision to proceed with Eagle River Fund development was made.

Once established, the Eagle River Fund will provide long-term financial support to fund activities that protect, enhance and maintain the streamflows and overall health of the Eagle River watershed.


To learn more and get involved in the Eagle River Fund project, contact Melanie Smith, Eagle River Fund Manager, at smith@erwc.org or 970-827-5406.

Why a Water Fund?

Water funds provide funding for conservation and restoration activities that will protect the water supply, water quality and recreational opportunities, creating a steady funding stream for a healthy water future. Water funds are voluntary and locally-controlled, and can be tailored to address the unique needs and priorities of different communities and partners.

Coloradans face diverse water challenges and water funds can be scientifically tailored to respond to these various needs.