The morning of September 24 dawned crisp and bright at Colorado Mountain College in Edwards. It was the perfect day for an indoor-outdoor learning extravaganza for Eagle County’s fifth-graders. As bus after bus of excited kiddos arrived and checked in at the front doors, each received a sky-blue t-shirt celebrating this year’s Eagle River Water Festival, made possible through the generous support of local sponsors and collaborating partners.

From 10am to 1pm, the children, guided by their teachers and adult chaperones, made their way from station to station throughout the Festival. With topics such as native landscaping, bouyancy, river recreation and safety, composting and soil health, and more, the opportunities for learning and engagement overflowed. At the end of the day, as the last sounds of giggling, happy kids faded back onto their buses, all presenters and volunteers gathered to consider the day’s impact on local youth and breathed a sigh of satisfaction.




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