We can’t control the amount of water flowing through our streams, but we can control what we do with that water. Here are some resources the Watershed Council loves that share steps and actions to take at home to reduce your water use.

Water only on certain days of the week

Our landscaping does need some help from extra water sometimes, but we are often over watering these plants. Consider watering on odd days of month, or less is possible. In some areas of our county, this is actually required. Check with a local landscaper on best practices for your yard.

Remove turf grass

Grass is thirsty, and it’s common to use Kentucky Blue Grass for lawns. However, that grass requires 30+ inches of rain per year to stay green and lush – we get about 11. That means you have to irrigate, irrigate, irrigate. Consider swapping out your turf grass for native tall grasses and wildflowers than can handle our arid climate and drought.

Harvest rainwater

This is a someone new option for folks in Colorado thanks to a new law in 2016. Residences can capture up to 110 gallons at a time for use on outdoor landscaping. Check out this resource for more information.

Wash your car at a commercial car wash

Washing your car at home is sometimes more convenient, but it uses significantly more water and also impacts water quality. Commercial car washes recycle water and treat what they don’t reuse.

This resource will be regularly updated. Check back for more water saving tips and resources!