Attention: Seeking Heavy Equipment Contractor

Eagle River Watershed Council intends to hire one experienced heavy equipment contractor to work closely with USFS staff to address drainage issues on Wearyman Creek Road, near Red Cliff, CO, in August 2022. Request for proposals is open and attached. For questions, contact Proposals are due on August 3,…

Colorado Parks & Wildlife Job Announcements

We’re Hiring!


From CO Trout Unlimited – The Keep Colorado Wild Pass

Shared from Colorado Trout Unlimited <> The Keep Colorado Wild Pass Ensuring that Colorado’s state parks are accessible, affordable and adequately funded to protect them for the long-term More than ever this past year, we’ve seen how important Colorado’s great outdoors is in providing a place to relax, reconnect, and revive…

Volunteers Needed for Upcoming Tamarisk Mitigation Project

flowering noxious weeds

Tamarisk Mitigation Project to Take Place Mid-May The tamarisk is an aggressive invasive plant that out-competes native vegetation, contributing to a number of negative impacts to riparian ecosystems. Consuming a large quantity of water annually and spreading viciously, tamarisk plants choke out native vegetation, affect resource availability, create a largely…

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