Vail Daily Spotlight: “A classroom in the wild: Red Hill Elementary moves outside for a new kind of learning”

Enjoy this 5/31/2021 Vail Daily feature by Ali Longwell! Read the article. 

Volunteers Needed for Upcoming Tamarisk Mitigation Project

flowering noxious weeds

Tamarisk Mitigation Project to Take Place Mid-May The tamarisk is an aggressive invasive plant that out-competes native vegetation, contributing to a number of negative impacts to riparian ecosystems. Consuming a large quantity of water annually and spreading viciously, tamarisk plants choke out native vegetation, affect resource availability, create a largely…

New Mountain Whitefish Regulation


Eagle Mine Pipeline Release – March 22, 2021

The natural freeze-thaw cycle associated with the warming temperatures last week caused a pipeline fitting to leak, resulting in a spill of Eagle Mine-impacted water. The leak, located at the south end of Rex Flats, has been stopped. A total of 36,000 gallons of water is estimated to have been…

Land & Rivers Fund Scholarship Application is Available

This scholarship is for a graduating senior who will be attending an accredited university, community college or vocational education program in the United States and plans to get a degree in the field of natural resources, environmental science or a related field. Any senior who meets the qualifications is eligible…

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