Mud Flows – what are they and why do they happen?

Vail Daily Spotlight: “A classroom in the wild: Red Hill Elementary moves outside for a new kind of learning”

Enjoy this 5/31/2021 Vail Daily feature by Ali Longwell! Read the article. 

Climate Change Impacts Storymap

This was originally included in Currents,  the monthly newsletter by Wright Water Engineers, Inc. It is shared with permission. The State of Colorado has published an online story map showing the economic impacts of flood, drought, and wildfire in 2050. The interactive platform shows how climate change and population growth…

3 (free) River-Inspired Resources for Your Mental Health


Eagle River Watershed Council held a two-part Rivers & Meditation series on Jan. 27 and Feb. 3, 2021. The virtual events offered participants opportunities to experience the calming effects that the sounds and images of water, combined with a guided meditation, can offer. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of Samya…

Collaboration is Key for Water Solutions

Increasingly, water in Colorado (and around the West, for that matter) is becoming a fierce battleground with distinct lines drawn in the sand. We see environmentalists and recreationists squaring off against water suppliers; farmers duking it out with so-called “water grabbers”; and, unfortunately, the Front Range pitted against the Western…

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